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TRAIN AI, Powered by Call Simulator, improves speed to proficiency and decreases training costs for emergency dispatchers

Salt Lake City, UT, July 26, 2021 – Priority Dispatch® has partnered with Call Simulator™, a division of NewSci LLC, to provide AI-powered speech-to-speech call simulations through TRAIN AI, a powerful training module which decreases the cost of training emergency dispatchers and increases their proficiency and retention.

TRAIN AI is fully integrated with ProQA® Discovery, allowing trainees to improve their active listening skills and gain experience operating within the ProQA platform, while reducing the need for expensive human role playing. For ProQA Paramount users, TRAIN AI is available as a web-based standalone solution.

“Call Simulator is an important partner as we move into the cloud with ProQA Discovery, helping us take a big leap forward with simulated calls for training,” says Ron McDaniel, President of Priority Dispatch. “Now emergency dispatchers will be able to practice taking calls from within ProQA where TRAIN AI answers the structured protocol questions and the dispatchers receive a score and feedback on their performance.”

Call Simulator incorporates Natural Language Conversation and machine learning to dramatically increase the effectiveness of training while decreasing the cost of delivering it. The company spent the past two years working directly with leading Public Service Answering Points who provided thousands of actual calls. From there, Call Simulator integrated natural language processing services into their platform, including: streaming speech-to-speech, tone, emotion, and clarity.

“Many Emergency Call Centers are burdened with high turnover and excessive training costs,” states Bob Finney, Communication Director at Collier County Sheriff’s Office. “TRAIN AI empowers agencies to provide modern, high-quality and realistic training scenarios at a reasonable cost!”

  • Full integration with ProQA Discoverytrainees gain experience with emergency situations while simultaneously improving their skills working within the ProQA platform
  • Cloud based platform: remote access allows for training at any time and from any location
  • Vast simulation library: trainers create standard or random training simulation playlists to support specific challenges such as emergency types, caller personas, dialects, and more
  • Simulation repetition: allows trainees to repeat a simulation for especially complex emergency situations
  • Analysis & reporting: provides reporting on simulation response, performance improvement, & specific event reactions, allowing trainers to quickly review performance and provide feedback

“The partnership between Call Simulator and Priority Dispatch will improve the quality of care people receive from emergency dispatchers, said David Lawson, Co-founder and CEO of NewSci LLC. “The ability to practice at anytime and anywhere with TRAIN AI, and get feedback from each unique scenario will improve public safety, while simultaneously cutting down on training costs.”

The joint announcement is officially taking place the same week as NENA 2021, July 24-29, in Columbus, Ohio. Priority Dispatch and Call Simulator executives will be meeting with public safety and emergency communications leaders and partners to showcase the software. TRAIN AI will be available for purchase with ProQA® Discovery and ProQA® Paramount.

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Call Simulator, a division of NewSci LLC, provides an AI-powered streaming speech-to-speech call simulation platform built to provide best-in-class training for newly hired contact center agents as well as providing coaching for experienced agents. The platform is available across a variety of industries including public safety and telemedicine, to assist trainees in their Active Listening skills and decrease the cost of training call center agents. Their proprietary technology is designed to be fully integrated into the software call center agents use, making it the first simulator to hone both Active Listening and software skills simultaneously. Learn more at


Priority Dispatch is the world leader in providing research-based protocol solutions to emergency call centers in medical, fire, police, and nurse triage disciplines. For over 42 years, EMS and 911 agencies have used the IAED-approved Medical Priority Dispatch SystemTM (MPDS), first with cardsets and now in ProQA software. Our solutions have been time-tested across hundreds of millions of calls and serve communities in thousands of agencies around the world in 27 languages and 56 countries. Get to know us at

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FSU Alumni Develop AI Program to Train Emergency Phone Operators, Save Lives

Florida State University scientific computing alumni have developed a speech-to-speech artificial intelligence program used to help train phone operators who dispatch emergency services. Through a partnership with Priority Dispatch, the call-simulator software produced by NewSci — an artificial intelligence software development company based in Tallahassee — has been adopted by 911 call centers across the nation and around the globe.

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Sharkey Spearheads Software Development

For the past year, in addition to rigorous studies as an SC grad student, Eric Sharkey has been working as a machine learning engineering intern at NewSci Labs, a machine learning/artificial intelligence think tank located in Tallahassee. The goal of NewSci is to use and develop state-of-the-art AI technologies to improve the public, health, and education sectors; the company develops novel AI-powered products and makes them available to industry.

Recently, the primary project Sharkey has worked on since interning at NewSci – Call Simulator -has been launched.

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Nathan Crock shines spotlight on scientific computing.

Some call it machine learning. It is, in short, a new frontier. “Machine learning is like the new electricity. It’s revolutionizing how things are done in business, government and industry,” said scientific computing graduate student Nathan Crock.

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