AI for a Better & Safer World

Research & Development

Our NewSci Labs team works with clients to turn their challenges into solutions by creatively utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning techniques. Their insights and breakthroughs power NewSci’s products and services.


Realizing the the value of your investment in AI is the goal of every NewSci project. Our team has deep experience bringing new products to market, including our Call Simulator,  and integrating AI-powered solutions into business processes.


NewSci works with clients to identify business processes and product development opportunities where AI can bring exponential value. From AI data readiness to cloud architecture’s optimized for ML applications, we take AI from concept to reality.

"By combining state-of-the-art machine learning techniques with deep sector expertise, NewSci is able to unlock actionable insights from all of your structured and unstructured data."

AI-Readiness™ Services

Our team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, data wranglers, and cloud architects put their experience and expertise to work creating solutions to hard problems with high return for our clients and for society.

AI-Data Readiness™

From deep data analysis, extraction, and cleansing to auto-labeling, NewSci ensures your data is ready for AI.

AI-Cloud Readiness™

NewSci’s cloud architects have built platforms capable of supporting real-time applications utilizing multiple algorithms and microservices.

AI-Market Readiness™

We provide clients with the knowledge we have gained from successfully bringing AI powered products and services to market.

What our Clients Have to Say

“The use of AI to simulate and respond to trainee interrogation is a game-changer for Public Safety Communications.”
Bob Finney III
ENP Director, Communications
“The ability for the system to adjust the training to the level of the telecommunicator is the most beneficial feature.”
John Haynes
Former Deputy Director 9-1-1