Insight as a Service

By combining a state-of-the-art cognitive computing platform with deep sector expertise, natural language processing, and machine learning, NewSci is able to unlock actionable insights from all of your structured and unstructured data.

Natural Language Processing

NewSci Natural Language Processing unlocks the 80%+ of data hidden in documents, social media, audio, video and other unstructured data sources. NewSci creates an ontology configured for your domain and your unique characteristics including location.

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Insight Reservoir

The NewSci Insight Reservoir, unlike a traditional data lake, catalogs all of your data as it is ingested. This prevents data lakes from becoming data swamps. Your data is cleansed, enriched, normalized, and transformed using a built-in recommendation engine in real-time.

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Natural Language Processing

All the talk about qualitative data analysis is for naught if you can’t understand language as it is spoken. That is what Natural Language Processing (NLP) is all about. NewSci NLP brings this power to organization’s seeking to extract insights from their unstructured data.

Just as you know what a person is saying when you hear, “I’m hungry, I want an apple” vs. “I really want an Apple™ instead of a PC,” so now can a computer. NewSci NLP enables a computer to understand the people, places, and things important to your organization. This, in turn, allows your unstructured data to be analyzed just like your structured data. With NewSci NLP your organization will enjoy qualitative analysis (the Why behind the numbers) alongside your quantitative analytics.

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NewSci Speech Recognition

Uses models customized to your organization; the domain in which you operate; the quality of your recordings; and even local and regional dialects to deliver the highest level of transcription accuracy.

NewSci Ontology

Captures your organization’s domain and unique characteristics to enable deep Natural Language Understanding analysis and Natural Language Generation. Your NewSci Ontology will be your Rosetta Stone for unlocking the value hidden in your unstructured data.

Insight Reservoir

The NewSci Insight Reservoir™ brings governance and insight to the data lake. You enjoy all the benefits of a state-of-the-art Big Data lake including access to hundreds of data connectors for ingesting information; transformation tools for quality assurance and data enhancement; and cataloging of your data down to the field level while at the same time having unmatched data governance capabilities.

Unlike a passive data lake, the NewSci Insight Reservoir™ is a powerful cognitive computing platform where you can perform machine learning; deep learning; and natural language processing on all your structured and unstructured data.

NewSci NLP connects directly to your Insight Reservoir™ to extract meaning from your text and make it available for analysis. Machine and Deep Learning algorithms can be created, and perfected, as data enters the Insight Reservoir™, increasing the value in real-time.

And all of the insights can easily be made available for visualization tools including Tableau®, Qlik®, and Microsoft Power- BI®. Jump out of the data lake and get your organization into the NewSci Insight Reservoir™

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